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Buying Guidance

Although some Falcons were manufactured as fully built cars by JBA Engineering Ltd, most have been individual builds and subsequently registered for the road by their builders.This can lead to some older vehicles having been incorrectly registered.

If you buy an incorrectly registered car it maybe impossible to MOT, Tax and insure it without submitting the vehicle to a Basic Individual Vehicle Assesment (BIVA) and a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC). The cost of these can be in excess of £1000 and take months to complete. When buying a Falcon it is extreamly important to check that it is correctly registered with the DVLA. The only sure way of doing this is to check the details recorded on the V5c (Log Book) against the DVLA's records using an On Line Vehicle Enquiry via the DirectGov website. You will need the Registration Number and the Make / Model of the car to do this. Correctly registered vehicles should have their Make/Model recorded as JBA Falcon, JBA Sports, JBA Tourer, JBA Engineering etc. Incorrectly registered vehicles may have their Make/Model recorded as Cortina, Sierra, Ford Sports, Falcon Sports or anything without JBA.

For more information please visit the Governments Buyer Beware website and watch the on line Video

Finished Cars

2001 JBA Falcon Tourer

JBA Falcon TSR (BMW)

1992 JBA Falcon Tourer




Unfinished Kits

JBA Falcon 2+2

JBA Falcon Tourer

2 JBA Falcons

Unregistered Falcon



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