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Technical Help

This index has been revised in October 2015. It is mainly a technical index ie. it doesn't list everything ever printed in JBAOC magazines. I have however included some items of general interest written by members. Items can go back many years and in some cases have little relevance today. It was not my remit,nor do I feel authorised to interfere with the historical index and therefore it remains pretty much intact( except obsolete internet addresses) The old and new are totally integrated.Headings(Subject) are generally self explanatory with one or two clarifications :

FBHVC= Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

Htv1 = Hints and Tips Version 1 Htv2 = Hints and Tips Version 2

Revision by Derek Anderson - JBAOC member October 2015.

With thanks to Les Whiting for supplying copies of Hints and Tips Volumes 1 and 2.

You can find more technical help on the JBA Owners Club Forum follow this link - http://www.jbaoc.org.uk/members_forum/index.php

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